Tom Moggach is author of 'The Urban Kitchen Gardener: Growing and Cooking in the City' (Kyle Books, 2012), which was shortlisted for Best Practical Gardening Book at the Garden Media Awards. He also contributed to 'Leon Fast Vegetarian' (Conran, 2014). 

The Urban Kitchen Gardener

'Tom has captured his knowledge, vast experience and infectious passion for growing and cooking in this exciting new book for urban gardeners. He shows that even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be productive and hugely rewarding.'



'Growing food is different in the city: life is faster and space is tight. So it is vital to focus on only the most rewarding edible plants. In The Urban Kitchen Gardener, Tom Moggach selects the best city crops for city plots, from chillies and strawberries to the less familiar Japanese shiso and Mexican mouse melons.

Individual entries cover nearly thirty herbs, vegetables, salad leaves, fruits and edible flowers. For each plant, Tom offers practical advice on growing, picking, preserving and cooking your harvest. More than 150 delicious recipe ideas include Coriander and Coconut Chutney, Shiso Granita, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Chilli Corn Bread and cocktails such as a Honey and Basil Daiquiri.

Tom also shares his expert advice for successful growing in containers and on typical urban plots such as windowsills, patios, balconies, roof gardens, back gardens and allotments. He demonstrates how to use the urban microclimate to your advantage – the few extra degrees of warmth and protection allow you to stretch the growing season and raise unusual and tender crops.

Written from Tom's first hand experience working in gardens across the capital, The Urban Kitchen Gardener offers the definitive guide to which plants and techniques work best. Individual sections tackle pests and diseases, saving seeds, taking cuttings, green gardening and preserving your harvest.'

The Urban Kitchen Gardener Growing and Cooking in the City  is published by Kyle Books.